Now through June 2013 visit the “Being We The People” exhibit at the Philadelphia Airport’s Youth Art Gallery in Terminal A.

In the summer of 2009, students from Afghanistan and America began documenting what their lives were like living in a democracy through photography. To help facilitate this, the project centered on key themes gleaned from the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as work, religion, participation, expression, commerce, and myself. After taking photos that reflected those themes and holding on-line conversations about the ones that most stood out to them using Shutterfly.com, both sets of students met in the United States to match images based on either content or composition, which became the basis of this on-line exhibit. In 2012, they expanded their medium to include video. This website presents the pairs of images and short documentary pieces that speak loudest to these students, and allows you to join the conversation. Join the conversation by uploading your own photo or video.